Projects in the April 2006 issue of EPE Magazine

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PORTAPAL Portable PA System (Part 2) — a state of the art 33W RMS design. This portable public address (PA) amplifier can be powered from the 240V a.c. mains or its inbuilt 12V d.c. sealed lead acid (SLA) supply. It delivers up to 70 watts and has a number of current-saving techniques that improves efficiency.

Mixing for two 600 ohm balanced or unbalanced microphone inputs, guitar input and line imputs for a CD player or tape deck. Based around the Philips TDA1562Q. A considerable cost saving has been achieved by eliminating the need for large heavy mains transformers and smoothing capacitors on the power supply section.

In Part Two (April 2006 issue): full assembly details, cabinet construction, 12V sealed lead acid charger (SLA) all described in full colour.

"Smart" Slave Flash Trigger for digital cameras. Want to use an external flash unit with your new high resolution digital or film camera but it doesn't have a trigger socket or a hot shoe? Our slave flash trigger lets digicam owners use separate flash guns that are triggered by the light from the camera's built-in flash.

This allows for a great variety of bounce lighting effects or backlighting and will generally improve your flash photography results. As an extra feature, this design will cope with red-eye reduction systems, as the slave flash trigger can be preset to ignore the red-eye pulses before the main flash gun triggers.

Programmable Continuity Tester. Every workshop needs a continuity tester to probe for faulty connections or broken circuits. Our electronic continuity tester has selectable resistance ranges that offers greater facilities for detecting low resistance shorts, rather than a near-zero-ohm short circuit. It warns of a "nearly short circuit". Uses everyday components, easy to build.

OmniPendulum - a fun design that will entertain you and your audience! Bobbing back and forth incessantly, the Omni Pendulum swings in all directions, and acts in a number of modes:

  • Pendulum
  • Wheel
  • Roundabout
  • "Boinger"
  • See-Saw

Our OmniPendulum uses 4000 CMOS circuits to create the necessary magnetic field, and is an ideal project to interest the beginner in electronics.

Also in this issue: Ingenuity Unlimited (readers' own circuits); Techno Talk - the mains colour code explained. PIC n MIX: experimenting with overclocking PICs. Teach-In 2006 (6) Transistor circuits. Interface for computer users - boosting output currents. Net Work - VoIP, Google Talk and Skype introduced. All in your favourite electronics magazine - buy a back issue or subscribe now!