Projects in the April 2003 issue of EPE Magazine
Atmospherics Monitor - tune in to the sounds of the heavens in turmoil, with this extra-sensitive receiver that detects the sounds of lightning storms around the world. Hear the whistles, pops, squeeks, chirps and pings caused by the electrical activity in the Earth's ionosphere. A really fascinating project, easy stripboard construction.
EPE PIC Tutorial Version 2 (Part 1). Our fantastic PIC microcontroller tutorial is absolutely the easiest low-cost way to learn about the techniques needed for programming the PIC family of devices. The face of hobby electronics is changing fast, and now you can be part of it by following this superb 3-part tutorial written by John Becker. Designed to provide extensive hand-holding even for complete beginners, there is really no better way to climb on board and get to grips with PICs!

Used in conjunction with our PIC Toolkit Mk3 circuit board that connects directly to a PC, this series is an enhanced revision of our highly acclaimed series first published in 1998. Uses our free TK3 software for Windows 95, 98, Me. Can also run under NT, XP and 2000 using pointers and techniques outlined in the article.
Earth Resistivity Logger (Part 1)- Help your local archaeological society to locate the hidden mysteries of our ancestors, using this versatile but inexpensive measurement and logging system. Generates a 137 Hz ground-penetrating signal. Realtime LCD display. PC compatible system, free Windows (95, 98, Me tested) software. Output exportable into Excel. Many more features far too numerous to list here!
Sample display of a PC screen using Earth Resistivity Logger software.
In May 2003 issue (p.350), we said that on p.292 the wrong operating frequency for crystal X1 is listed in the Components box. It should be 3.6864Mhz. The circuit diagram Fig 5 and text are correct.

Back to Basics (Part 3) - Plant Watering Reminder - our Back-to-Basics series offers beginners an opportunity to build simple designs and gain confidence in electronics construction. This design generates an audio tone when it's time to add water to a potted plant. Easy stripboard construction, three transistor design.

Back to Basics (Part 3) - Touch Light - a simple stripboard design for a touch-operated l.e.d., complete with built-in timer function that powers the circuit down after a delay.

Intelligent Garden Lights Controller - An easy-build lights controller that learns! It turns on at dusk, and times the length of night until dawn so that on subsequent nights the output is switched off halfway through the night. EEPROM power loss memory backup. Summer/ Winter selector switch. A very clever solution to a common application, can be used with many types of mains lighting or outdoor Christmas decorations etc.  

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