Projects in the March 1999 issue of EPE Magazine

Smoke Absorber
- infra-red activated solder fume extractor: it detects heat from the soldering iron and switches on automatically, to draw away solder fumes through a charcoal filter. Useful for surface mount or close-up work (project involves some surface mount soldering).

Wireless Monitoring System (Part 2) - Closing our excellent low cost 418MHz a.m. radio-linked short range data logger and monitoring system, with PC logging of recorded data.

In the April 1999 issue a correction was published in respect of the transmitter printed circuit board layout. Figs. 4 and 6: on the circuit diagram capacitor C3 should be connected on the other side of the resistor R5 nearest the PIC. The p.c.b. foil layout contained an error and has been changed: please refer to the April 99 issue for details.

Time & Date Generator
Adds time or date or both to a composite video signal (NTSC, PAL and SECAM video signals) - selectable character height of 5, 10, 15 or 201ines - Inverse or normal video display - Day and month display are swappable for those who prefer the American standard - Leap year correction (Year 2000 compliant). Source code available free from our FTP site here.

Auto Cupboard Light
Commercial battery-operated cupboard lights are widely available in DIY stores and by mail order from electronic component suppliers. These lamps are useful as a simple means of lighting up a cupboard or for garden sheds and other places where no mains supply exists. The one drawback is that if they are left on accidentally, the batteries are exhausted with monotonous (and expensive) regularity. This simple project provides automatic timed control of a 3V battery-powered lamp. Uses a 7555 for minimal current consumption. Ideal for beginners.

PhizzyB Computers - 5
Our unique world-exclusive series continues with the construction of the PhizzyBot motorised platform. This responds to computer programs and will steer and spin under control of an on-board PhizzyB single board computer.

Please note, the PhizzyB hardware is now almost obsolete, with few kits or MCU chips remaining. Please check all parts are available before commencing construction.