Projects in the March 2005 issue of EPE Magazine

PIC TOOLKIT TK3 Simulator & PIC 18F Upgrade. EPE is proud to announce this fantastic Mini Simulator for PICmicro fans! Our free software has been nine months in the making and is the latest addition to EPE's unique free PIC assembly and programming toolkit software, now released as Version 3. Toolkit TK3 has far too many features to describe here, but the latest upgrade includes the following major functions:

  • Mini Simulator — lets you debug and test your own software routines before commiting to burning to a PICmicro.
  • PIC 18Fxx2 and PIC 18Fxx8 support. Having more commands and abilities than the more familiar PIC 16Fxx devices, the new enhanced Toolkit supports the different assembly and programming requirements of the 18F family.

Please visit the Downloads page to fetch our free source codes and PIC software.

Smart Karts (6) — plenty of exciting things to see and do with our intelligent buggy, in this part we discuss the third set of software routines for our PIC-based cart.

Bingo Box — A PIC-powered random number generator with many useful features, including auto or manual calling of numbers, Rewind & Play of winning sequences, a validation feature for verifying winning lines using a keypad, and adjustable range. Can interface with large seven-segment displays and even the PIC Big Digit Display (May 2002). A perfect and well thought out example of how a PICmicro brings you an extremely versatile design that would be much more difficult to achieve using older discrete technology.

Stereo Headphone Monitor — usable as a standalone unit or an add-on for last month's Sound Card Mixer. Allows you to use a set of headphones to monitor a line-level audio output.

Cat Flap — is your cat a scaredy cat? The magnetic charms of your moggie are used in this design to deter all except your precious puss. Mounted on a cat flap mechanism, if the cat isn't wearing the requisite smallmagnet on its collar then the entry circuit triggers a shrieking buzzer to scare away any intrusive cats or other animal.


  • PIC Electric Mk2 (Part 2) completion of our digital mains monitor.
  • Net Work - the Internet column brings you topical news on cashback Fraud and Nigerian scams
  • Techno Talk on the threat of virus infections of our telephone system
  • Practically Speaking - gives you a guide to front panel labelling
  • PIC n MIX - high level languages - a first visit to the "C-side".
  • Circuit Surgery on sine and square waves, and handling crimped connections.

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