Projects in the March 2003 issue of EPE Magazine
200kHz Function Generator - A versatile item of test equipment that generates sine, square and triangle-wave outputs, with controllable amplitude. Ideal for testing many circuits from sub-audio up to several hundred kilohertz. Also useful as a clock for digital circuits. 8038 based.

Driver Alert - A "thinking time" reaction tester designed to highlight the slowdown in reaction times due to e.g. alcohol, drugs, fatigue or age. Winner in the Under 15 Young Electronics Designer Awards 2002.

Congratulations to Adam Wolley (photo, left) and Josh Arkell (right) pictured receiving their awards from HRH Prince Andrew (centre) at last year's prize-giving ceremony.

Wind-Up Torch Mk. 2 - an upgraded version of our Wind-Up Torch (October 2000) - the new version is 30% smaller in size, has 120% brighter output and 500% faster winding. Uses a 5-6 candela white l.e.d. for supreme performance. Now you need never be caught completely in the dark again!

Back to Basics (Part 2) - Simple Timer - another easy to build project suitable for beginners. This simple transistor circuit provides an audible warning after a preset time period has elapsed.

Back to Basics (Part 2) - Simple Metal Detector - intended to locate buried cables or pipes inpalster to help avoid DIY disasters. A very simple circuit that is ideal for novices to construct.

Techno Talk describes new ultra-thin battery technology. Peak LCR Passive Analyser Review. New Technology Update - how printed plastic transistors and organic l.e.d.s could provide flexible screens. Circuit Surgery - Surface mount Reworking, Bleeder Resistors and DC Motors. Ingenuity Unlimited - more readers' own ideas. Net Work - the Internet column - introduces readers to ebay, the online auction site. All this and more in the latest issue of EPE Magazine. Subscribe now!