Projects in the March 2001 issue of EPE Magazine

DIY Lightning! First time in EPE - our Tesla Coil design is for ADVANCED, EXPERT CONSTRUCTORS ONLY. Build our fully detailed Tesla Coil and explore one of Nature’s wonders. You can create all manner of interesting effects utilising the high voltages generated by our Tesla coil. Details are described in full by a highly experienced Tesla enthusiast, and naturally our article includes all the necessary plans and theory for successful (and safe) construction.

WARNING For advanced expert constructors only. This project could kill if used incorrectly.

Body Detector - our super-sensitive detection circuit is based on the principles of human body capacitance, which can be monitored and utilised for making burglar alarms, invisible switches, touch sensors and plenty more besides. Full details and plenty of ideas are included in the fascinating constructional article.

In the April 2001 issue (P. 281) we said that on P. 178 Fig. 7 the lead from the pole of switch S1a should go to the circuit board at point R2 (diode D3 anode end) and not as shown.

Circuit Tester - another “Top Tenner” project that can be built for under £10 ($14). A simple go-no-go checker is the subject of our latest pocket-money project.

Doorbell Extender - a “through-the-mains” controller which links your doorbell and garage or workshop, plus remote- control switching. Details of the mains transmitter and receiver are provided in our constructional article. Now you need never miss the front doorbell when you’re working away down in the shed! Full details in the March 2001 issue.

In the April 2001 issue (P. 281) we advised that both capacitors C1 should be mains-rated class Y type as they connect directly to earth from the mains.

Understanding Inductors - a special feature article helps you get to grips with inductors (coils) of every size and shape. One of the most misunderstood of discrete passive components, our six-page article provides a practical look at chokes, coils and transformers. Included are basic design tips for hand-wound RF coils as well as mains transformers. "Q" here....

Also in this issue - the Schmitt trigger: Part 5 of our series continues with digital applications of these wave-shaping circuits, analysing TTL and CMOS logic circuits in depth. Net Work, our Internet column, talks you through personal firewall packages. New Technology Update looks to the future, with 10GHz processors on the horizon. Interface, for PC users, describes a multi channel ADC PC interface.