Projects in the February 2004 issue of EPE Magazine
PIC LCF Meter - This handy piece of test equipment measures inductance (L), capacitance (C) and frequency (F). Using a PIC microcontroller it will test capacitors from 1pF to approx. 6500µF, inductors (coils) from 1µH to 10H and frequency from 0.05Hz to 5MHz. The frequency function is designed for +5V signals. Results are shown on a 2-line 16-character LCD. The design is simple to build and will form a valuable part of every hobbyist's test equipment. Source code available for free from our Download area to program your own PIC micro, or buy ready programmed devices from a number of 3rd party suppliers.

Jazzy Necklace
with decorative bead front

Jazzy Necklace - Inspired by traditional African jewellery, our electronic version uses an array of colourful light-emitting diodes to create an attractive and eye-catching piece of partywear! No less than 16 acrylic rods of varied lengths are used as light guides, illuminated by a simple CMOS 4000 chip driving high-intensity le.d.s. Activates through built-in tilt-switch. A most unusual idea and an excellent gift!

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: In the April 2004 issue we advised the brass rod listed in the Components Box and text on P119 should be 1.2mm diameter (3/64") and not as indicated.

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PIC Tug of War Game - What a great introduction to using PIC microcontrollers! Forget teams of athletic (or not) players trying to drag their opponents over the line with a rope, our electronic version uses PIC power instead, and needs a lot less exertion! Very simple to build, using a PIC 16F84 and a row of ten l.e.d.s, two players pit their reaction times against each other, to see which player can press the button first. After winning five games, the project plays a tune in honour of the champion!

Sonic Ice Warning - This project is designed to alert car drivers of the onset of low temperatures and the possibility of ice forming on the road. Using a special integrated temperature sensor, the circuit will sound an audio alarm when the external temperature has fallen to a sufficiently low level.

Teach-In 2004 (Part 4) - Continuing with our 10-part tutorial specially written for beginners in electronics, Part Four walks you through the world of logic gates and how they can be used as part of simple electronic systems. As always, a number of simple practical experiments are described.

Surface Mount Devices (SMD) - This special feature introduces readers to the miniaturised world of Surface Mount Technology. We show you how to build a simple SMD circuit — and it's a lot easier than you might think!

Also in this month's issue:

  • Techno Talk - discussing the perils of unbranded mobile phone batteries
  • New Technology Update: the latest capacitor developments
  • Net Work - The Internet Page - about the latest anti-spam laws in the USA and the UK
  • Interface (PC Interfacing) - further PC serial port use of INPOUT32.DLL
  • Circuit Surgery: MOSFET amplifier basics; anti-static soldering and more.
  • Ingenuity Unlimited - 3 pages of readers' own circuits!