Projects in the February 2002 issue of EPE Magazine

EPE PIC Spectrum Analyser
Analyse waveforms on your PC with our new design, which graphically displays frequency content of any waveform. It's easy to construct using a PIC16F877 and 32K SRAM, and it will analyse signals up to about 50kHz and display frequency content to around 400kHz. Results are displayed on a Windows PC using our free Windows software available from our FTP site as usual.

In the March 2002 issue (P. 200) we said the RS part number for the TDA703 analog to digital converter should be 181-9754

HT Power Supply
This HT (high tension) power supply offers up to 120V at 8mA or so d.c., intended for use with older valve (vacuum tube) radios. This effective circuit is a DC-DC converter operating from a 6V battery. Ideal for vintage radio restorers and enthusiasts, now you can bring your radio sets safely up to date especially as the HT batteries that valve sets need, are no longer made.
Teach-In 2002 - Making Sense of the Real World (4)
Our ten part educational series on the applications of sensors and operational amplifiers continues with further tutorials on the use of op.amps and strain guages. In our practical Labs, we build a novel "doorbell" which is activated by knocking on a piezo disc. Don't miss this really unique educational series.
Guitar Practice Amplifier
Published due to popular request! Our easy to build, low cost amplifier will help prevent you annoying neighbours or the rest of the household during practice sessions. It offers 6 - 10W or more and also has a simple mixer input which allows a microphone to be used at the same time. Headphone and speaker outputs, ideal for the budding Eric Clapton.
Versatile Current Monitor
Warns of significant changes in equipment current flows.

Also in this issue: Ingenuity Unlimited (readers' own circuit suggestions); Circuit Surgery discusses the best way to select fuses for mains operated projects; Special Feature: Russian Space Shuttle Revisited - Barry Fox visits the mothballed Buran ("Snowstorm") site and investigates the prospects of Buran flying once again. Interface describes a DIY MIDI adaptor for your PC.