Projects in the February 2001 issue of EPE Magazine

- Using Graphics LCD displays with PICs! A fully detailed 16-page extra supplement which demystifies the complexities of graphics matrix LCDs. Includes many routines, flowcharts, demos. and more hard-to-get data that you just won't find anywhere else — not even in manufacturers' design notes. All your questions are answered in our unique special feature.

In the March 2001 issue (P. 210): Fig. 3 capacitor C6 on pin 31 of IC1 should read C8 and is 100nF. Resistor R4 should be hard-wired on the rear of the p.c.b. between IC1 pin 17 and the most convenient +5V track point.

PC Audio Power Meter
— Measures audio amplifier power output via your PC. Acts as an 8 ohm dummy load capable of handling about 100W r.m.s. and displays r.m.s./ peak wattage and peak voltage on screen. Free software is written in Visual Basic 6, and needs Windows 95/ 98/ ME (only) to run. Not suitable for Windows 2000/ NT.
Simple Metronome
— another of our "Top Tenner" projects which can be constructed for under £10 ($14). Our simple metronome is 555 based and includes a CMOS logic chip to offer a simple l.e.d. display. Safe and ideal for beginners.

Ice Alert — just the thing for wintry weather conditions, our easy to build design will help warn motorists of possible adverse conditions ahead. Simple tri-colour l.e.d. display, 12V operation.

Using LM3914 Bargraph LEDs
A special designer's guide to using these versatile bargraph drivers. Plenty of practical applications are outlined, including a Signal Strength Meter, relay control board and lots more besides in our 7-page feature.

Also in this bumper issue –The Schmitt Trigger (4) our in-depth series on Schmitt triggers covers Astable, Pulse Width Modulation, triangle waveforms and more; New Technology Update – organic l.e.d.s make their appearance; Circuit Surgery – voltage multipliers analysed; Net Work (The Internet Page) – Netscape 6 takes a bow.