January 1999's issue
Twinkle Twinkle,
Little Chip,
You'll be tuneful,
If we're quick!

Twinkle Twinkle is an audio/ visual reaction timer game with seasonal trimmings. Uses a preprogrammed melody chip. Project by John Koushappas. Seasonal poem by (and complaints to) EPE Editorial Department!

Twinkle Twinkle
Courtesy Light Controller
Let our Courtesy Light Delay light the way!
Courtesy Light Controller Alternative Courtesy Light Controller (left) - a project by Paul Brigham, this neat and compact unit operates the car's headlights for a short period, thereby lighting the driveway or garage to allow a safe and convenient route. An essential accessory for every motorist.
We've all been annoyed by TV advertisements which blare out to grab our attention. Our Volume Compressor project by Robert Penfold helps combat this nuisance. The special design incorporates both peak and average settings; in the latter, the gain is reduced more on strong signals which have a high average level, than it is for signals of equal peak amplitude but a lower level. Designed to fit between the line output of a TV and a spare audio amp input. Monophonic, stereo is possible. Volume Compressor
Volume Compressor

Volume Compressor
PhizzyB Part 3
Our computer gurus describe how to program the shifts, rotates, stacks and how to drive an alphanumeric LCD display from the PhizzyB hardware. You can display your own custom messages by adapting the programming techniques which are fully described in this month's article.
PhizzyB LCD module
PhizzyB LCD controller

Don't miss this special report by top writer Barry Fox. Russian rockets now launch American-made telecomms satellites. Barry visits a "closed" cosmodrome and a rocket factory in Russia. January's issue includes inside colour photos of the rocket fabrication facility at the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Barry also traces the development of the Russian space programme in his fascinating report.
Proton D-1-e Rocket
ASTRA 2A LAUNCH on Proton D-1-e, Baikonur, Kazakhstan.
Baikonur Cosmodrome
Inside the Baikonur rocket fabrication plant
(Barry Fox)
Also in the January issue - EPE Mind PICkler Part 2 - the concluding part of the mind machine entrainment and relaxation unit. Circuit Surgery, Ingenuity Unlimited, Readout and all the usual features!

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