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From the January 2006 issue EPE is published in full colour and printed on brighter whiter paper — means better quality print, higher resolution colour photography and clearer printed circuit board artwork with more contrast, and crystal clear colour interwiring diagrams to add to your enjoyment.

Plus all the same great educational and tutorial features in the UK's No. 1 magazine for electronics technology and computer projects.

In this month's EPE Magazine:

Cover Project: "Tiptronics" Style Gear Indicator. A digital display indicator for cars and motorcycles, to remind users of the selected gear. Up to nine gears, neutral and reverse indication, display dimming feature. Easy to calibrate. PIC 16F84 based. Free source code available from our Downloads area.

This issue marks the retirement of EPE's Dave Barrington and John Becker. Dave has largely been responsible for the high level of accuracy that the magazine enjoys, for it is Dave who checks all the drawings and text in infinite detail to ensure that the finished article is of the highest standards.

Dave has helped thousands of readers around the world and has devoted 40 years of service to furthering interests in hobby electronics.

Dave actually joined George Newnes (the original publishers of Practical Electronics) when he left school in 1955. The cover shot on the left is Practical Electronics, June 1977, showing Dave trying the new rage in entertainment electronics - PE's first TV game the "Sportcentre".

Dave will however continue to be involved with EPE on a consulting basis.

Our Technical Editor John Becker also retires this month. John was a contributor to Practical Electronics in the 1970s, and has been our Tech. Ed for the past 11 years, solely responsible for his excellent various PIC Tutorial series that have introduced many appreciative readers to the world of the microcontroller. John continues to work for EPE in a freelance capacity.

EPE wishes Dave and John a happy and leisurely retirement.

Sunset Switch — Designed with safety and security in mind, this light sensitive switch activates mains loads at dusk and switches them off when you want. Using a Schmitt-trigger op.amp circuit as a light detector, a classic 4000 CMOS-based timer is triggered at a presettable threshold. Relay output. Complete circuit constructional details are provided in full colour for clarity and safety.


PIC Ambilux — A PIC micro powered novelty that detects temperature, and modulates a multi-colour LED display. The PIC Ambilux can interface with other types of sensor to produce a variety of interesting and attention-grabbing project possibilities.

Current Clamp Adaptor for Multimeters — Looking for a current clamp meter that won't break the bank? Our simple but effective current clamp meter can be built for about £15.00 It plugs into a standard DMM (digital multimeter) and can measure both a.c. and d.c. current. Maximum DC current 150 amps; maximum AC current 630 amps. Typical linearity better than 4% over range at 25° C. Uses a Hall Effect sensor to detect current with no direct connection needed with the circuit under test. Easy to build, an ideal accessory for your DMM.

Teach-In 2006 is out now! EPE is famous for its educational electronics series, and Teach-In 2006 starting in the November 2005 issue is a great new 10-part tutorial written specially for beginners in electronics. No prior knowledge is assumed. Special online test available – and the chance to win a valuable prize. Sponsored by Rapid Electronics.

January 2006 Part Three: Capacitance; introducing capacitors, RC timing networks. Revealing the mysteries of capacitor charging characteristics. Practical and easy to follow demonstrations are also given.

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