Projects in the January 2003 issue of EPE Magazine

Wind Speed Meter - Uses ultrasonic techniques to measure windspeed without the need for calibration or the use of any moving parts. This PIC-powered design has a multi-purpose LCD that displays instantaneous wind speed in both metric and imperial readings.

EPE Minder - alarm/ monitoring system looks after your belongings - or even the children! Comprises two type-approved 433MHz wireless transmitter units and a receiver. Activates alarm when separated. Range 12 metres in open air. Also for attache cases etc.
FM Frequency Surfer - covers 88 to 125MHz frequency, based on the popular TDA7000 FM processor for ease of construction. Stripboard-based assembly.

PICAxe Light Chaser - The last item in our series is a Light Chaser Unit, with l.e.d. output and a six-channel mains interface using opto-isolated zero-crossing triacs. Optional sound sensitive input.


New Series! Techno Talk by Andy Emmerson, what's new (or just around the corner) in the world of electronics. Who Really Invented the Transistor? - a special feature that tries to make sense of a lot of conflicting information. Circuit Surgery - How MOSFETs work. Ingenuity Unlimited - more readers' own ideas. PICMicros and computer GOTOs - two sophisticated programming techniques for advanced PIC microcontroller enthusiasts. Net Work - the Internet column - looks at the BBC web site and the BBC radio player. All this and more ins this issue of EPE Magazine!