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The best introduction to electronic circuits has arrived! Find out what circuits are, and how they work, by following Teach-In 2006, our brand new tutorial series.

The ideal introduction for beginners, or those wishing to "brush up" on their electronics knowledge! Specially written for EPE readers by Mike Tooley BA.

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Teach-In 2006 is out now! EPE is famous for its educational electronics series, and Teach-In 2006 starting in the November 2005 issue is a great new 10-part tutorial written specially for beginners in electronics. No prior knowledge is assumed.

Teach-In 2006 combines basic theory with the practical use of components in a unique ten part series that will build up your confidence and teach you all the basics of modern microelectronics.

In Teach-In 2006 we've incorporated exciting new features, including a series of fun self-test online quizzes so you can check your own progress. See the author's web site.

Our famous crystal-clear illustrations and graphics, aided by 'Check Point' topic boxes, help you to pick up the main points quickly, step by step.

Practical experiments on solderless "breadboards" and demonstrations are fully explained and will soon boost your confidence and understanding.

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Win a Prize!

At the end of the course there will be an online multiple choice test covering the entire series. You could win one of over £600 worth of prizes donated by Rapid Electronics.

Try our Online Test at series end - it could win you a prize!

1st Prize 72 piece toolkit worth £323.00

Runners Up Prizes 21 tool kits in zipper case

Teach-In 2006 - the ingredients to your success in electronics!

Here's a brief summary of Teach-In 2006's ten tutorials:

  1. Units, electronics, switches, current flow, resistance.
  2. Circuit diagrams, series and parallel, the multimeter, voltage divider, power.
  3. Charge and Capacitance. Magnetism and Inductance.
  4. Introducing Transformers, semiconductors, diodes, power supplies.
  5. Transistor circuits, amplifiers.
  6. Test and measurement, the oscilloscope, the LED.
  7. Introducing logic circuits.
  8. Microprocessors, the PIC microcontroller.
  9. Analogue electronics, op.amps. Filters.
  10. Radio & communications. Tuners, transmitters and receivers.
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Please Take Note - updates

Part 1, Page 766 Fig 1.9 the third contact (way) on the lower group of the 2-pole 3-way switch circuit symbol is missing and should be the same as the linked section above it.


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