Back Issues FAQ

EPE sells back issues or reprints from the past five years, and earlier issues are often available too. Please check these FAQs  before asking us for help.


We do not supply free reprints, nor can we e-mail, fax or photocopy previous articles free of charge.


Remember to ensure that all parts are still available before commencing construction of a project from a back issue.





How far back are EPE back issues available?
Officially we supply material (constructional projects, educational articles, series articles etc.) from the last five years.


How do I buy a Back Issue?
You can buy online in our Online Shop, or you can write, phone or fax an order to us. We accept most major credit and debit cards and we have no minimum charge. You can pay by cheque, bank draft or postal order in Pounds sterling only.


What if a Back Issue is out of print?
We can offer you a single reprint of a single article for the same price as one back issue, up to five years back.


I want EPE to help me with a design from a very old issue. Why is there a Five Year Cut-off?
Unfortunately we have to draw the line somewhere. Generally, newer projects come along that use newer components or techniques, rendering it unworthwhile supporting older designs. Also, parts may go obsolete at any time, making old designs obsolete too. It may also be impossible to refer to the original designer or the original documentation.


How do I contact the original designer?
Although we cannot release a designer's personal contact details, we may be able to forward your query to the designer but we cannot guarantee a direct reply.


I want a reprint from ETI?
These are not available, sorry.


Someone has offered to scan in a copy of an old article for me.
In the case of a very old article (say > 10-20 years old), we ask that the person requests our consent and explain why they wish to copy our material. We do not mind readers helping each other out this way and permission will not be witheld for reasonable requests, especially if it is to help another individual with a specific old magazine article or project.


What about copyright?
We fully protect all our copyrighted material and we do not allow any copying of our material without our express written consent. The redistribution of our material on e.g. CD or DVD or on the Internet without permission is expressly forbidden.


Help us to help you: if you see any illegal copies of our articles appearing anywhere, please let us know.




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Back issues are also available on CD & DVD


Available direct from the Publishers of EPE Magazine, authentic versions and guaranteed quality back issues of EPE on CD and DVD. Entire libraries of EPE can be viewed in PDF format. Please note, no free cover gifts are included.


Why not save your precious hard copies for posterity and check our Online Shop for disk versions now!


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